The Proud Farmers of Gujarat

It was a proud moment for Mr Rameshbhai Chhotabhai Patel to win ‘Best Innovative Activity’ award of the State Government. Mr Devesh Patel, son of Mr Rameshbhai, was the only person from Boriavi village in Anand district of Gujarat, selected among 18 young farmers all-over India by the Indian Council for Agriculture Research (ICAR). The minimum qualification for selection was that the person has to be engaged in agricultural activity and also possesses a graduation degree. Mr Devesh had also won the ‘Agricultural National Award’ between 2010 and 2012. Further, he was honoured with ‘Jagjivanram Abhivandas Asian Award’ and ‘Sardar Patel Award’ from the State Government. Also, he had received the state-level ‘Atma Award’.

Mr Devesh Patel was the only person from Gujarat who got selected. At the age of 30, Mr Patel is engaged in Dairy Farming. He also posses 20 cows and earns a bonus for supplying more than 5000 litres milk per annum.

It is very important to point out that Mr Patel has developed Labour Less Technology. With this innovative technology, per hectare cost has reduced to just Rs. 5,000 with 5 labourers compare to Rs. 50,000 with 25 labourers earlier. He has also received awards from Anand Agriculture University, Navsari Agriculture University and Punjab Agriculture University.

Putting more stress on scientific farming, ha has adopted drip irrigation and now he is looking forward to creating Green House and Poly House for higher benefits. Mr Patel advised participants at Agriculture Fair that value addition and marketing in crops like Potato, Turmeric and Ginger would result in lower input cost.