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Certified, Organic and Sustainably Sourced Cumin Seed Cumin, pronounced "khu-min", Cuminumcyminum, is one of the most popular Indian spices out there in the market. In India, it is known locally as jeera or jita. Cumin seeds are extensively used in cuisines around the world, including in Southern Asia, Northern Africa and Latin America. Cumins seeds have various origins and each of these varieties has different flavour and taste. Starting from China, Egypt, India, Indonesia to other eastern Mediterranean countries, cumin is also grown in Argentina, Iran and Mexico. These natural spice seeds are oval shaped and elongated with a ridged surface. Their seeds are slightly greenish yellow, grayish or light brown in color, and when it is fine ground, it becomes brownish yellow to dark brown in color. In South Indian parts, cumin is dry roasted in ghee and oil in order to prepare a variety of recipes; it unleashes a more intense aroma when it is dry roasted in ghee. A Rise in Popularity of the natural and organic cumin seeds There are various reasons for making cumin seeds a popular spice. it is one of the most consumed spices - right behind chiles and pepper. When and Where to Use the Organic and premium quality cumin seeds? Cumin seeds are used and a key ingredient in various spice blends and many bean, couscous, curries, rice and vegetable dishes. It flourishes when used with beans, bread, cabbage, pungent cheeses, chicken, eggplant, lamb, lentils, onions, potatoes, rice, sauerkraut and squash. The best part is, it goes well in combination with all spices, seeds including mustard, cardamom, cinnamon, coriander, fennel, fenugreek, garlic, ginger, paprika, turmeric and nutmeg. Some of our favorite recipes with ground cumin are Khichdi made with dry roasted cumin seeds in ghee,  Tortilla Soup, Sweet Chickpea Chili in Slow Cooker, and Cumin Seasoned Grilled Zucchini. What are the benefits of consuming cumin seeds regularly?
  • It Promotes Healthy Digestion
  • It also enkindles the digestive fire- consuming cumin seeds with warm water has a natural benefits for the overall health
  • Promotes healthy absorption and elimination of natural toxins from the body
  • Calms vata in the lower abdomen and promotes a comfortable post-meal experience
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