We are committed to a sustainable future, and having a business that first does not harm. You see business and environment can go hand in hand, lets show you how we do it. We are in business to achieve social and environmental outcomes.


We only harvest and order what we need, that is, what is ordered by you. That means that we as farmer only harvest what is required, this means less food waste for everyone.


Wherever possible we source our dairy farming FYM, farm waste and campus bio west collet and make compost produce on farm. For irrigation we save and store rain harvesting water & drip irrigation.



Our FYM, Any bio scraps, any tiny pieces of any scraps of organics are composted, to give back to the environment from which we have taken, this includes organic fruit and organic crops. The result beautiful nutrient rich compost.


All the produce we sell is sustainable in every meaning of the word, whether it be certified organic, biodynamic, chemical free, one of our main pillars is sustainable.


Our priority is to make organics accessible to all, organics are not a luxury item they are a necessity.
We endeavor to deliver to you the highest quality organic produce at the best available price each week.
We have a symbiotic relationship with our customers they dictate the price that is fair, fair for them fair for us. It’s a win =win.